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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traditionalist Youth Network co-founder, Matthew Heimbach says on the Prothink Radio podcast that he is speaking at an National Socialist Movement event in November

On September 14, 2013, Traditionalist Youth Network co-founder, Matthew Heimbach said on the Prothink Radio podcast that he is speaking at an National Socialist Movement event in November.

Matthew Heimbach, co-founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network appeared on the Prothink Radio podcast hosted by Mike Delaney and said the following:

"One of the cool things that we're trying to do through our organization is even if you don't want to throw on the Trad Youth logo, because you want to kind of stay within the system and you want to support the traditionalist, Pro-White message, we're willing to support. So, I'm not saying that one of our college chapters is actually a Campaign For Liberty chapter, but just maybe, perhaps, that, that's something that is happening, that they might, perhaps, hypothetically be pushing a Pro-White agenda on campus. So, I am going to be doing that. I'm also going to be speaking at... the National Socialist Movement is holding a rally in Kansas City in November and I was offered an invitation to speak."

Listen to the podcast here
(Skip to 1:44:13)

It seems like he is implying that a Trad Youth chapter is masquerading as something other than what it really is in an attempt to fool people. I mean, but he's NOT saying that, not at all. That is just my interpretation and also, it is pretty much what he said. I wrote to the Campaign For Liberty today for clarification and Communications Director Megan Stiles replied by saying, "Campaign For Liberty has no affiliation with Trad Youth or the National Socialist Movement and certainly does not support that agenda. Additionally, Campaign For Liberty does not set up chapters on college campuses. If there is such a chapter somewhere calling itself Campaign For Liberty, they have done so without our knowledge or consent." 

Now where have I heard about Matthew Heimbach and the Campaign For Liberty mentioned together before...? Give me a second, it will come to me... Oh, that's right, remember that one time, when John Stortstrom got into deep poo poo because of hanging around with Heimbach? That's right, it's all coming back to me now. That was the time Fred Mullis dropped Matthew Heimbach and his message like a stinky piece of shit into the toilet and flushed it as fast as he could. Unfortunately, he didn't turn the fan on because it still stinks to high hell up in here. Yea, I remember that now.

In case you need a reminder about who the National Socialist Movement is check out this link which should explain it for you. The National Socialist Movement does have an event listed on it's page for the 9th of November in Kansas City, MO. If you want to waste some trees you can download some toilet paper from them here. I attempted to confirm with the National Socialist Movement, Heimbach's appearance at the event and the NSM Region 6 Coordinator replied by saying, "As for right now we have not made a list of speakers for the 9th of Nov but if he wished to speak we will put him on the list of speakers." Perhaps Heimbach is getting a little ahead of himself there.

The Traditionalist Youth Network currently has 4 active chapters listed on it's website. The Georgia State University White Student Union was previously listed as a chapter until either Patrick Sharp came to his senses (doubtful) or took advice from Trad Youth (speculative) and removed all links between the two groups so mere association with Trad Youth wouldn't completely destroy the pathetic excuse for a movement Patrick Sharp was apparently trying to cobble together. There seems to be a recurring theme here, anything associated with Trad Youth seems to end in failure. Well, let's hope that continues!


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