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Friday, October 18, 2013

Traditionalist Youth Networks "Eyes On Wise" Protest Roundup

On October 9th, the Indiana State University Office of Diversity held an event at University Hall on the Terre Haute campus where anti-racist author and speaker Tim Wise spoke to students. The Traditionalist Youth Network held a protest to the event which they called "Eyes on Wise". Prior to the actual protest of the event, an apparent attack on the members of the Traditionalist Youth Network transpired in which there was one arrest. Following the attack, differing accounts of the events that unfolded prior to the actual demonstration appeared online and there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what actually took place. Having not been there, I can't comment on what DID happen. What I can do is provide a little more insight into what happened via the police report and speculate on what it all means. I should say, I don't have a "side" in this story. I make no excuses for anyone or their behavior and this is certainly not PR as I have been accused of, this is simply a statement of facts. First, let's chronicle what has already come out in the varying different accounts.

You can read the different accounts of what happened at the following links:

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Now let's examine some of the claims being made. There seems to be a false impression floating around that the attacker identified as being Mason Welch used Mace, a knife and a padlock tied to either a sock or a piece of cloth to attack the members of the Traditionalist Youth Network. I have not found any evidence at all to support these claims, it appears as though while Welch was carrying 2 of the 3, none were used in the attack. At this time the only weapon that appears to have been used by Welch were his fists.

Although the police report states that, "Buhls stated that he and another male restrained Welch and also used a chemical spray (mace) on him" and also that, "Welch was patted down for weapons in which a folding pocket knife and a lock tied to a piece of cloth were found and confiscated", that did not stop Matthew Heimbach from taking to Facebook on October 10th to claim he was maced. If Welch wasn't found in possession of mace and Buhls used it on Welch, perhaps there might be some truth to the headline that the, "Traditionalist Youth Network Pepper Sprays Itself". I want to stress, we have no proof either way if any member of the Traditionalist Youth Network was pepper sprayed or not, but being as there is no evidence of it, other than their own claims, and minus any evidence the attacker had mace, it leaves us to believe that this is either a fabrication or the group maced themselves, either accidentally or on purpose.

The Traditionalist Youth Network also posted a headline of it's own, on their own Facebook page on October 9th, in which they claimed, "Antifa ambushes Trad Youth with knives, mace and improvised weapons". This is only partially true. While they may have been ambushed, no knives, mace or improvised weapons were used in the fight according to the police report.

Shortly after word got out what had happened, supporters took to multiple message boards and blogs to voice their support for the Traditionalist Youth Network for what one outlet called a "violent rampage" also giving the false impression that the knife, mace and lock were used in the attack. That same outlet even claimed that Buhls had been hit in the mouth by the padlock in a sock, an outright lie. The problem is, the supporters seem to also be under the same impression, judging by the comments that they left behind.

(By the way, that guy on the right Reisling, that is Brian Bryant.)

Supporters of the Traditionalist Youth Network also took to the groups webpage to offer support. One supporter named "Rob" said on October 11th, "Would you guys know the name of the guy arrested for the padlock-in-a-sock assault? Problem is, although there was an assault, no padlock-in-a-sock was used. Ron Sheehy, who apparently goes by the name Tremley also posted saying, "Last May bags of urine thrown at you guys, yesterday maced, what's next?" (The claim of having urine thrown on them has reared it's ugly head twice, once after the May Day protest in Washington DC, and following the group being doused with water from garden hoses at Boxcar Books, though I've seen no evidence to support either claim.) Another supporter named "Lew" referred to an accusation that an "elderly white supremacist" (named Jim Berrywas also assaulted. What's strange about this claim however is that it was not mentioned in the police report even though the police did confirm that Berry was one of the 4 witnesses (also including Bryant, Heimbach and Parrott) of the attack to give a statement to police. Lew wrote, "What kind of profoundly contemptible piece of filth goes after a defenseless old man? I guess the local police really are with them. I don't see another explanation for pad lock guy and whoever went after the old man not facing felony charges." While we can't say for sure Jim Berry wasn't assaulted, we can say it seems really odd there's no mention of it in the police report.
Apparently not satiated by the days excitement, Daniel Wilson bragged on his Twitter account that on the way home from the event, "we" (we most likely being himself and at the very least Brian Bryant) stopped off in Lebanon, Mo, to leave KKK literature and newspapers in driveways.

Wilson and John King of The White Voice, under one of his two Facebook aliases Adrienne Collins (his other being Alice Foster), couldn't resist the urge to comment on the story.
Daniel Wilson can be seen holding the sign that reads, "Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White" and Brian Bryant is in the green shirt partially cut-off on the opposite side of the photograph Daniel Tweeted on October 11th.
You can also see Daniel Wilson shown here holding one of the signs from the event in what appears to be on Brian Bryants couch in his living room.
Brian Bryant goes by the screenname "l3ryant" on Stormfront.

Yes Daniel, White Power is right!! 

In closing, I'd like to reiterate that I do not now and never have supported violence and there is zero evidence that I ever have. Also, I was challenged by Thomas Buhls to produce the police report and to post it online if I really had it. Thomas, I can assure you that I do and I know that if you had a copy, you would not need for me to post it to prove it because the lines that I quoted are word for word from it. If you don't have a copy for yourself Thomas, it might help you if you reference Case No 13-1623. So now Thomas, I will offer you a challenge which I am certain you will fail miserably at. The next time you organize an event, see if you can turn out even ten "youths" in support of your positions. My definition of "youths" though might be a little different then yours as I don't consider people who are "under forty" as youths. For those who want a copy of the police report themselves, a little advice, ask and ye shall receive, just not from me.


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