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Monday, November 11, 2013

National Socialist Movement Kansas City Rally FAIL

This is all you need to know about the Kansas City, National Socialist Movement rally. Matt Parrott is pictured in the front row, far Left kneeling on one knee. Matthew Heimbach is believed to be the person standing in the back row, approximately 7th from Left. Craig Cobb appears to be 6th from Right in the back row. See the guy on the far Right in the front row kneeling next to blondie? We think that's Dustin James Moore.

Close-up of the flaming Swastika.

Matt Parrott and Matthew Heimbach.

Matt Parrott standing closely to Craig "Looking For My Ancestry" Cobb
(image retrieved from a VNN Forum post titled, "40 Nazis Rally in Kansas City - Sat, 9 Nov 2013"). It should be noted that Matt Parrott's VNN Forum alias is "Craig Dillard". The guy in the KKK t-shirt between Cobb and the signpost is Jarred Hensley.

National Socialist Movement Leader Jeff Schoep smiles while Neo-Nazis give "Sieg Heil" salutes amongst a throng of flags bearing Swastikas.

Via Jarred Hensley: "Myself, Matt Heimbach, and Matt Parrott headed out from Indiana to Missouri at 12:30 am Friday." [...] "It only takes one match to start a fire. After Dennys, we headed over to end the night with a good ol' Swastika lighting. After a bit of time and some serious White ingenuity the Swastika was raised and ready to spread pride and honor into each of us. I salute everyone who was involved getting this massive swastika up, for it took a little hardship to do so. All worth the effort though, and after a statement, torch bearers lit the swastika and the fire was bright and powerful." [...] "It will be an honor and privilege to be able to do even a small part for America as the German people did for Germany" [...] "~Jarred Hensley T.A.P."


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